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Mom is a woman with hair as happy as a day of celebration. Pupa is a sweet-eyed kitten fenced in an animal shelter cage. She has a problem: she does not want to eat. Mom adopts her, takes her home, and does everything to make Pupa eat, but fails. Pupa becomes weaker, and the vet does not know what to do. They are about to lose hope when Mom comes up with a plan …


This book is much more than a true story. In it, Mom and Pupa give two different versions of the facts. When we compare them, we understand that both are right and that reality changes according to the viewer's point of view. The illustrations have been made for the purpose of developing the reade's fantasy and are inspired by the paintings of the Spanish painter Joan Miró.

Mom and Pupa was a finalist in the Best Book Awards 2017 international competition in the category of illustrated books for children.

Mamá y Pupa -Spanish Version

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